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The Department of Applied Chemistry, DTU is one of the most active departments in the college. With 2 student chapters & 1 Fest under its umbrella, it manifests the determination of the Department to inculcate in all its students an all-round experience of technology and management.


IIChE & ACS: The DTU Student Chapters: Catering to different preferences of the students, Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers & American Chemical Society are the technical groups of the Department. Activities of the student chapters include the following:

  • Lectures & video shows related to Polymers, Plastics & Chemical Engineering

  • Seminars, Workshops & Group Discussions to bridge the gap between academia & industry 

  • Excursions & Industrial Plant Visits of interest to the member students

  • International Exposure to the experienced members & industry leaders in Chemistry, Polymer & Plastics, thanks to the Worldwide presence of American Chemical Society

  • Financial Aid for the student members to attend foreign seminars & workshops of ACS

  • Book Banks for the use of its members

  • Assistance & supervision in career planning & placements

  • Aid to the students for conducting any other activity promoting social, technical & educational interest of the Department 

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