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ACS DTU organised a STEM quiz testing the knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics on an Online hosting Platform, Dare2Compete (D2C).  The aim of the ACS DTU team behind this event was to create awareness on the topics of science, technology and engineering by providing a mind stimulating and an exciting quiz to make this time of self-isolation, a bit interesting and endurable. The event turned out to be a huge success, where more than 1.3K people participated. Special Achievement Certificates and prizes were awarded to the top 50 performers for encouragement. The quiz received a lot of praise from participants. In their feedback, the participants expressed their gratitude to the ACS DTU team for conducting this event as it diverted their mind from the current circumstances of emptiness.

MARCH 25, 2020

Expert Lecture Seminar


National Science Day is celebrated to commemorate the incredible discovery of the Raman Effect by Sir C.V. Raman on 28 of February of every year. Its objective is to spread a message about the importance of science used in the daily life of the people. To display all the activities, efforts and achievements in the field of science for human welfare. A CS-DTU organised the event “Expert Lecture Seminar” on 21st February 2020, wherein we invited experts in their respective fields. Dr Shailja Vaidya Gupta (Office of Principle Scientific Advisor to Govt. Of India) & Dr Sanjay R. Dhakate (Sr. Principal Scientist & Professor, ACSIR) were the two high profile speakers for the day. They enlightened the audience with the knowledge of Science (specifically Raman Effect) & Women in Science. The session was held at the Pragyan Hall, Delhi Technological University. Prof S.G. Warkar (HOD, Department of Applied Chemistry), Prof Archana Rani (faculty advisor for ACS-DTU) and other faculty members from various Departments graced the event with their presence. Ms Deiji Deori, from Society Programs & Services at ACS also enlightened the environment with her kind presence.

FEBRUARY 21, 2020


Periodic Quest


A fun event, 'Periodic Quest' was organised for the students by the committee. The event saw the peaks of enthusiasm & knowledge by the participating students, thereby appreciating the usefulness of Periodic Table. Prof. S. G. Warkar (HOD Applied Chemistry), Dr Ram Singh & Dr Archana Rani(faculty advisor for ACSDTU) graced the event with their presence. Every student had to come over the stage, according to the token numbers being randomly called, and pick two random chits out of a bowl provided to them. The chits had the name and symbol of each element that we find on the Periodic Table. The participant was given 20 seconds to plot the element on its correct position on the projected periodic table (template). Ensuring active participation and enthusiasm of organisers is our uppermost preference, and this event met this criterion. The "Periodic Quest" was a grand success, with more than 100 brains turning up. The sophomores under the umbrella of guidance of faculty and seniors paved the way for yet another exceptional event. 

OCTOBER 23, 2019


Career Consulting Workshop


American Chemical Society, DTU Chapter conducted a Career Consulting Workshop for all B.Tech. Students, emphasising on Polymer Science students, to make them aware of what all prospects are required in a resume to make it different and more eye-catching for a recruiter, in the current scenario. Around 150 students gathered at the venue, displaying keen participation & support to friends. Dr Archna Rani and Dr Manish Jain graced the event with their presence. T he workshop began with an in-depth discussion on resume building, about all what mattered and didn’t matter on it, about the recruiter’s view, required aspects—the difference between a Resume and CV. The thoughtfully formulated presentation covered the problems that students typically face or might face during their placement season. A fact came up, that 92% of recruiters use online job portals for hiring, considering that, the discussion gradually advanced towards LinkedIn, it’s the importance and how students can utilise more out of it by enhancing their profiles, such as: by using a professional display photograph, endorsements, networking, & many more.

SEPTEMBER 04, 2019

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