TATVA is the Annual Technical Fest of the Department of Applied Chemistry, DTU. It is a grand three-day fest conducted on the campus itself and attracts a crowd from all aspects of life including students, technology buffs, professionals, and the general public.It is a platform where students apply their brains to innovate new ideas and knowledge, experience to transform the ideas into grand events. It is an opportunity to learn for overenthusiastic students while simultaneously being a platform for the development of teamwork and interpersonal skills. It is an all-in-one fest where you can find events for Chemical/Polymer buffs, Cricket enthusiasts, Case Study lovers, and above all fun and knowledge seekers.




Everyone sees whatever they counter. But some see Beyond that.
Everyone says the common. But some say Beyond that.
Everyone thinks the typical. But some think Beyond that.
Everyone seeks for perfection. But some Beyond the imperfection.

Beyond is the eyesight of unique. Beyond is the ocean where opportunities are. 

Let's delve in the world of novelty, where the 5 elements of life drive us to be the phoenix.

Come, and experience this unusual journey as we set to go "Beyond the Elements".


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